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Artist Spotlight Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 1:04 PM
I've come across too many artists to count. There are so many of us here on this website that it makes authenticity and secular promotion a seemingly unobtainable thing to grasp, but some of us break through to the other sides of acclaim, popularity and recognition. How do those artists do that when art it self is as subjective as they come? Artists aren't know for being one to run with the pack, but when we are brought together as a whole, we develop a community of support and encouragement that we were denied by those who don't seem to understand the struggle we face, the longing we feel for our craft or even the joys of being able to create. It's one of the most important and contributing factors in earning a following and building your own gratification: Giving back . It's simply enough in concept. You say something constructive here and you say something helpful there. You share their painting somewhere else or you discuss with a writer what they story means to them. Engagement. Perseverance. Honesty. Community. Patience. All of them must be exercised because without you doing it, how can you expect to receive it in return?

Today I share with you ten deviants that I found to be exceptional and promising in their own right who deserve to be recognized for their artistic accomplishments.

1.) Rayaroja 

Henry- King of Disembodied Hearts by Rayaroja   Dance on Their Graves by Rayaroja 
 Goodjokers- The Original Four by Rayaroja

"I am a traditional artist and animator with a AA in animation and gaming. My specialties include character design, comics and graphic novels and storyboarding. My goal as an artist is to make "dark things" more presentable and find the positive and the beauty in things that normal people would usually find grim and negative."
 For me art is not a hobby and it is not fun, it is something that has to be done. I am an introvert so I've trained to internalize a lot of things... bad things and the only outlet I have for those things is art and writing, therefore many of my personal experiences have shaped my art over the years.
I've been influenced by many artists over the years, the biggest ones were Tim Burton, Frank Miller, Burne Hogarth, and more recently Bernie Wrightson and James O'barr... but it was watchmesink
" ---:iconrayaroja:

2.) professor-theodosius  

A Knightlight by professor-theodosius  Professor Theodosius' Aerial Tempest Eradicator by professor-theodosius 
 Steampunk lie detector, 'The Charlatron' by professor-theodosius

"I am a fifteen-year-old steampunk artist who makes things out of scrap materials. I first got into steampunk when I saw the amazing group Hatton Cross Steampunk at a Maker Faire in 2012. I consider myself a maker as well as an artist, as I am always tinkering with my creations and I try to make them function as intended, such as the Charlatron, a working lie detector that uses an Arduino microcontroller. I am currently making an "Electric Incapacitation Device" and planning an automated misfortune-telling machine for an upcoming steampunk convention." --- :iconprofessor-theodosius:

3.) TessaJeanCook 

Ich tanze unter toten Sternen III by TessaJeanCook  Peacemaker II, Persever by TessaJeanCook  Borderline pt. I by TessaJeanCook

"These are 3 works from different series.. I'm 19 years old and I'm at foster parents since I'm 13. One of my main topics are mental disorders and their treatment.. It's a personal thing. I'm going to study psychology this year and I want to specialize on Art Therapy, 'cause I think art is one of the things which can help you the most in a really rough time.. I know that my works aren't the best one, but each of mine has it's own story and helped me so much. Art saved me." --- :icontessajeancook:

4.) C21 

Nursery Mural by C21  Bird cage by C21

"Artistic statement, huh? I usually just like people to fill in the blanks. My goal is to create artwork that has some personality, some life, and something that will have people talking. I draw a very wide range of genres and types of work. I'm always experimenting and open to new concepts; which I think is inherent in many artists." --- :iconc21:

5.) Karita94 

Gentle soul by Karita94  Beyond the horizon by Karita94  In balance by Karita94

"I'm a 21 year old watercolor painter (sometimes acrylics) from Norway who used to draw for 12 years. I chose watercolor as my medium last summer because I really felt I could express myself in a way I never could with my drawings. I put a lot of effort in my paintings, practise a lot, and are more interested in delivering a message or a specific feeling than just showing my skills like I did before. I always use nature, because it's so incredible beautiful, to find inspiration and sometimes I just listen to music and use my imagination while I paint. I always try to plan my work, but often I end up with something I never have thought of, so I learn a lot about myself while I paint. For now I'm just a hobbyist because I study early childhood education full time, but people have began to notice my works, so in the future I wish to develop my art style and spread my paintings all over the world and not just in Norway. Art for me is passion, teraphy, fun and most important art is a way I can say things I have no words for. It's really like living in a second world." --- :iconkarita94:

6.) woostersauce 

Misa Anew by woostersauce 
 [CE]: In the Forest by woostersauce  A Bright Start by woostersauce

"Hi! I'm woostersauce, 21 years old from the UK.
I've always been into art as I love to create and make different things. I loved to experiment at school and then eventually got really into anime and the manga drawing styles. I enjoy watching myself grow as an artist and each piece means something different to me. I hope to improve and make visually striking images that people will be able to tell it's mine from just looking (although I think that's quite far off). My big inspirations as artists are DestinyBlue, Sakimichan and StickFigureQueen. My statement would be never compare your work to others because you'll just be disappointed. Find your own style and roll with it." --- :iconwoostersauce:

7.) Kurt-Jarram 

The All Out.The All Out.
Roman Espadrille’s harlequin jazz lounge. 3:00AM Saturday morning.
My head a maelstrom of whiskey and wine. Pulsing vibrations,free-form bee-bop as fresh as three day old salmon. The music moves through my body like positively charged electrons, having little to no effect during their transition.
My accomplice, Friedrich Raoul, a stick thin, pallid skinned thing from up North. Trader in silk worms and practitioner of exo-cannibalism, grabs me by the tie and shakes me.
“Wake up you drunken bastard!” he growls at me “They figure that you're skew-whiffed and we're kicked out quick as pan. Ya dig?”
“I'm okay, I'm okay.” I say back rubbing my hand across my eyes “I'm on the level. Everything's fine. Let's get a drink.”
We make our way towards the bar, feeling the eyes of the thirty something patrons fixed upon our every move.
“Who are they?” we hear voices mumble under the slowly pulsating beats “Who invite
    Number 93Milo hated the number 93.
Recently he had developed an awful prejudice towards the number. To the point that whenever he saw it, or even saw the two digits that made it up close to each other, he was filled with an overwhelming feeling of revulsion.
It wasn't because of how it looked or sounded or anything like that. Or even that it held some kind of hidden, cryptic meaning as can often be the opinion of those who hold faith in numerology. He hated the number for a wholly different reason. He hated it because it was the number of Mr Charn's flat.
Since turning twelve years old Milo had taken it upon himself to be the flat block's one man news-paper delivery service. He would arrive at the news agent across the road at 7:00AM on Wednesdays and Sundays to pick up the heaving, high-vis bag of papers (Two on a Sunday) and for five quid a time he would deliver them to the flats that were subscribed to receive them. Carefully making sure he had ticked off each one on a clip-board as he went
    Answers to 'Bodkin'.I couldn't count how many times I'd told Mrs Shapiro that I hadn't seen Bodkin.
“Are you absolutely sure?” she would ask, the same way she always asked “He's only a small thing but you can't mistake him. Blue eyes, dark with a tuft of ginger?”
“I'm sorry, Mrs Shapiro,” I said in the same way I always did “I honestly haven't seen him, but I promise I'll keep an eye out for you.”
She made her goodbyes the same as she always did and as soon as I had shut the door of my flat I heard the buzzer of my neighbour's place sound out as she slowly made her way throughout our entire block enquiring as to any sightings of Bodkin.
This had all started the very day I had moved in. No sooner had I finished unpacking my belongings there was a ring at the door and there stood Mrs Shapiro, a short, hunched woman with features that would usually suggest old age. Yet there was something slightly odd about her. It was very hard to pin-point her exact age, as t

    "Although I occasionally dabble in painting and music, I consider myself to be a writer above all. I first developed an interest in writing at the age of 11-12 when I discovered that books weren't these strange, impenetrable things that came out of nowhere and all One has to do is put a pen to paper and things come out. However I never attempted to get anything published until I was 20 and never read in public until I was 23 when I began attending the University of Chester to study Literature with Sociology and was exposed to a much larger group of like-minded people.
Much of my work tends to steer towards the blurring of the real and the un-real, a device I call (Quite pretentiously I'll admit) 'The urban fantastique'. A method that uses the language and themes of the 20th century Gothic in a more contemporary setting in order to create a sense of the uncanny and the sublime in situations that would normally seem mundane.
    For me, art is one of the few ways in which culture can truly evolve. Creation and imagination in any form is fundamental to human development. This is becoming harder and harder to do in an age where society seems hell bent on the comodification of most forms of art and only seems to be able to either homogenize what it likes or marginalize what it doesn't. It is the task of the artist to go both with and against this grain. To create something with substance, but something that can also reach its audience. Easier said than done. I am fascinated by this task, which is why I've devoted an enormous amount of my life to being a serious artist. 
     My list of influences is endless. Inspiration comes to me from everywhere and everything. But if I'm forced to name but a few, I'm heavily influenced by the horror works of writers such as H. P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker, but also the more gritty and realist writing of Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin. Philip K. Dick has also stayed close to my heart ever since I discovered him as a teenager. His worlds in-which nothing is ever as it seems and everything must be questioned have acted as a priceless form of inspiration for me over many years. ('The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' is one of my favourite novels of all time) The poetry of William Blake provides an endless feast for the imagination in so many ways as do his paintings and engravings. (Blake speaks more truth in a single line than most writers do in their entire lives)" --- :iconkurt-jarram:

8.) dominofan0803 

Domino portrait Britney Spears 2200 dominoes by dominofan0803  Doctor Emmet Brown in 3200 dominoes by dominofan0803 
 Kurt Cobain Domino Portrait by dominofan0803

"I started building dominoes in 1998. I only had 110 black wood dominoes with white dots.  Over the years I collected domino toy sets. In 2006 I created my own YouTube channel where I uploaded small videos of my domino projects. Now in 2015 I own over 15,000 dominoes and did a few huge domino events with other domino enthusiasts. But I am still building small projects at home. I really love the art of domino because you can build and create whatever you want with them and indeed the domino chain reaction effect mesmerize me everytime. At the beginning it was only a small hobby but it increased to a real passion and I hope a lot of people will discover this art and will like it too." --- :icondominofan0803:

9.) HarajukuLolita 

Ulora the Hellfire Angel by HarajukuLolita    Broken Doll by HarajukuLolita

Teresa and Clare by HarajukuLolita

        "Well let's see, I'm a university student who is trying to her best to be an artist. While other kids were drawing stick men, I was attempting to draw human figures in a more or less "realistic" view in a child's mind  It was only really in high school when I realized that art was actually my thing. My mother always jokingly insists I'm adopted because I've loved Tim Burton's works since I was a child. Nightmare before Christmas, yep my fav of all time and therefore I kind of draw influence from things that go bump in the night.    
        I can't really say what art is to me because art is part of me as corny as that might sound. I couldn't even begin to imagine how dull the world would be without art. My goal would be for people to see my art and appreciate it in some way or the other as I do other artists. It would be the most ultimate thing if someone saw one of my drawings and said "hmm I think I recognize that style" it's a long shot but hey that's what dreams are for. I've really found a lot of inspiration from different artists but artists such as VanRah and Shilin Huang have really given me the push forward to name but a few." --- :iconharajukulolita:

10.) bzych09 

OrbPlanet 06 by bzych09  OrbPlanet 04 by bzych09
  OrbPlanet 01 by bzych09

"Hi, my name is Brandan and I'm a traditional artist, I love mix media watercolor and any natural material. I've been painting for a about 4 years and I was a tattoo apprentice for almost 2 years. I love the perfection that is geometry, the crispness of the line-work is so simple but very powerful. Oddly enough, art doesn't make me feel, I'm more intrigued but the technical side of art, composition, balance, proportions, space, shape,  a reason I work strictly in black and gray, there's no emotion, only value. My art is a reflection of me, the more I look into, the more I just see it mirroring me. I love my work and I hope one day I make a living out of this." --- :iconbzych09:

Along with thanking all my spotlight featurees for contributing, I would also like to thank my supportive deviants:

cronasonlyfriend  crimsonavengerv2 Gneiss-chert 0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 FinalFinals Nintendo-Dreamer Rhoder raspil 

I appreciate all the helpful comments made on my last journal. Thank guys.  I'm doing better.

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