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What Inspires you? What inspires our Deviants...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 10:32 PM
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This week I wanted to explore the theme of inspiration.  I posted two threads in the forum (What inspires you in art and one for writing) asking members of the deviantart community to tell me, to the best of their ability, why they do what they do: Why do they pick up a pencil to draw, why do they write stories and poetry and why all of it matters.  Is it to fulfill a dream of being recognized? Or is it to string together those seeping emotions that cloud our thinking?  Do we paint to feel alive or do we only feel alive when we paint?  Many of you answered these questions very eloquently, bridging your endeavors with your peers in nice verbal explanations.  Others explained in an almost unsure way, but the answers themselves presented a shyness that catered to the indecisiveness behind the creative mind.    

But enough of my gabble, you have to deal with too often.  Let's see what other have to say.  I apologize if some of the quoted comments are trimmed or cut off.  Some of you wrote such lengthy answers I was afraid I wouldn't have room for them all.

From the forum thread: What inspires you to draw and create?


"Just the feeling of making something that gives somebody a feeling too. It's amazing to me." 


"I usually get my inspiration while I'm walking or riding my bike, I have enough time to look at the people around me (I usually draw people) Then, I see some expressions or poses I want to try. And about photography, I just take my camera with me everywhere, because I always find something interesting."


Music. No matter what type of music I listen to, it always inspires me to do some form of artwork, whether digital, photographic or just drawing on paper."


"Inspiration is like an energy flow, I think, and there are a lot of ways to feed it, and a lot of ways to kill it.  

For me, one of the ways I feed inspiration is by looking at pictures-- I like tumblr and Pinterest for this, because I can just scroll through lots of images at once and let my eyes absorb things super fast as they go by.  Doing it quickly keeps me from getting bored (which I struggle with even when I like what I'm doing) and it also (I think) effects my subconscious in a significant way.

Another way I feed inspiration is with music.  I have synesthesia which (in my case) means that I hear music in color/shapes.  It's pretty cool, and sometimes there are interesting combinations that stimulate my imagination (I can't paint what I see, unfortunately, because it's moving and mixing all the time and I'm not sure that all the colors I see are colors that exist in our perceivable spectrum...

Another music related activity I use is dancing, often *while* I'm brainstorming.  When I'm coming up with ideas I like to tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and sketch my ideas on it in marker.  I generally have super loud music on that I can either thrash around to or sing super loud with.  This keeps my energy up, and lets me step away from sketching every few minutes to dance-- which makes me stop focusing so much on one sketch so that I can move on to another idea...Speaking of inner critics, this guy is the number one killer of inspiration.  He's that sensation if inadequacy that keeps you from trying things.  He's that little voice that says "nobody's gonna like that, what the hell are you thinking?"  And one thing you really need to learn how to do is IGNORE THAT VOICE!  That guy is a dick and he does NOT have your best interest in mind."

From the forum thread: What inspires you to write?


"Hmm...a nice question, vague enough too. For me, writing is an outlet - sounds cliche, I know. Similar to when I read, the moment my mind begins to wander it is almost like I'm somewhere else. I can explore the oceans, travel back in time, or live in a world that doesn't exist. Writing allows me to shape my ideals into an almost reality. I write because I can, want to, and need to. I do what I do because frankly, sometimes reality tends to become either too boring or too much and depending on how I feel I can develop a world that fits my needs."


"Half the time, I get inspired from my dreams and I also get inspired from other artists on here."


"The world inspires me to write...for me it's not only how I express what is within, but also a way to explore the problems facing us today; both those from inside, and out. For me--and, I think, a lot of artists--it's also a way to try to make sense of the things that don't have answers."


"Being dropped on my head as a child."


"Well, I was always a very creative person with a bunch beautiful and peaceful ideas, so there are many things that inspire me. To start with, when I was young I used to play with my dolls, when my sister and I visited cousin's house, so I was always creating stories for playing. So, I can say, I'm talented enough to invent  stories and scenarios! Other things that inspire me, are the mother nature, and especially the tropical forests and animals, and mostly.. the today's events. All that sadness that is presented in news and books makes me feel bad about numerous things, like the lack of philanthropy, the lack of opportunities for other, poor people... Other kind of stuff, like Tolkien's volumes and etc. inspire me too! I'm thinking about creating a book, or a poem... I just like to express my feeling, following this way! Thank you!"


"Hmm, I have several reasons:

1.) It's fun.

2.) I have many, many, many story ideas. If I didn't write them down, they'd plague me forever.

3.) The goal of publishing a bestselling novel someday.

4.) I like seeing/hearing about people enjoying what I write.

5.) Most of the stuff I write I've never seen people write about before. Sure, it's probably already been covered and I just haven't seen it, but still. And even then, sometimes the author doesn't write the concept in the way I expected it to be written or it's poorly executed.

6.) I can't draw to save my life, so creating manga is out of the question."


"I've always been curious and I've always been a reader--which has definitely helped my imagination and willingness to write, but honestly, I think it has a lot to do with experience for me. The more I live through life, the more I have to write about, and the more I can write about because I understand it. So while the typical song, book, or quote inspires me to write, I think it's ultimately experiences that keep me writing...if that makes any sense."


"I need a creative outlet and writing is what fills that need.  I also want to entertain myself and others."


"What inspires me to write? My imagination, and my friends. As my friends they're gore, and violent fictions writers, as for me I'm more of a light heart, friend making, childish writer. My style, and my stuff are different because their are times I am child at heart XD. But my friends love it because it's different, and I bring something too the group. I mean I add a little bit of violence, but not killing or anything. I also like to add references from video games, or movies too see if anyone will catch it. 

I have never been able to draw, so I went to the next thing which was writing, and I never regret the day of me starting to write. Usually when I come up with ideas, especially when I'm in class, or home I usually talk to myself because when I do that I'm like imagining I'm the character of my story, and I think what he, or she is saying. A lot of people think I'm crazy because I do that, or talk to myself but I get my ideas, and stories like that. I also like having a creative mind, because without a creative mind a story would be boring, dull, and....boring! I want my fiction stuff too have life, and put a smile on people faces, and make them return for more. I also want people love different of my OC's too. 

As a fiction writer it's my job to entertain other (no duh lol), but also try not to over push myself too because if I do my story might come out "blech!"

Thank you all for participating and contributing to this feature

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